Let's make a list: What has been done between January and September 2015?

This is called, do it all and do it at once:

Spring 2015:

+Had an expose of scannography and mixed media work at Fonta Flora Brewery, Morganton, NC.

+ installed 8 locations for the Artfields treasure hunt. (wow. not a joke)

+End of year art show at New Dimensions


Summer 2015:

+Worked at South Mountain Children's Home with Rec Therapists Adam Scott and Andria Hoffburn. Most incredible time. 

+ Worked with kids at the Burke Arts Council during summer camp and taught drawing lessons in the TOSS space.

+Started an art advocacy group with her sister in Morganton, NC, called TOSS (the old School studio. 

+ Had a show with workshops in Lake City, SC, including a collaborative mural project to be completed in September. 

Fall 2015

+Begins TOSSafter, an after school art studio for kids at TOSS.

+Started a monthly artist dinner club for motown artists

+ re-designed the art program at New Dimensions Charter School, and appoints herself as gallery director and technician of the "art gallery" (a room most will know as the gathering area). Yeah, its an art gallery now so....

+ Mails parcels and packages of dresses to luck-ducks from her Etsy dress shop, Zest of Lemon.

+occasionally makes art/thinks up projects which include things like dashing lines, lamas, the council oak tree, and charcoal pencils. 

+ But only when she isn't sitting on this chair or laying on that couch staring at her computer. Or thinking about lunch.