Dabbling in the art of Mural Magic (with a few bonuses)

 A lovely retrospective of the Treasureish Hunt was hosted in SC by the Greater Lake City Artists Guild and the Florence Regional Arts Alliance this past July-September. This show was accompanied by two workshops: A graphic novel writing workshop and a community mural project, the latter, completely this past weekend in a 14 hour blitz!

First.....the invaluable assistance of Sandy Cook and members of the Guild. Let's just say, these people are tremendous. Southern hospitality has never been more beautifully exhibited than in this small, rural town.  

How'd it go down:

+Closing reception and fundraiser at Artfields gallery friday night

+ Mural prep by 8am Saturday morning with open public participation 10am-4pm. Finished up details by 10:30 pm that night. 14 hour painting y'all. 

The mural: The theme of this mural coinsided with my retrospect at the Artfields Gallery. In conjuncture with the show, it was a celebration of community, awareness of life purpose and service. The contoured silhouette of Lake City is suffused with "life lines" leading to a menagerie of silhouettes representing individuals we wished to honor from Lake City. These individuals are those from the past and present. Participants were welcome to add names of mentors, family members, teachers, and others who have made a positive impact on their community. 

We had a great turn out, and I've never been happier with a 14 hour painting.