hickory nut gap farm camp

My sister (Kirksey Lowther) and I were able to work at a charming, family operated farm camp for 5 weeks this summer: Hickory Nut Gap Farm Camp in Fairview, NC (try saying that 5 times fast...actually they do and it's a song called thehickorynutgapfarmcampsong!). I was able to stay on the farm with Susie and Will Hamilton, which was a joy and I was so inspired by their generosity, their creative spirits, and their sense of community. I don't think there is anyone within a 30 mile radius that hasn't been blessed by that family in one way or another. 

The day-camp runs a gamete of activities, with a 1/2 day of horse riding and a 1/2 day of art at Susie's homestead where drama, pottery, and art are themed. If I told you it wasn't all fun and games I'd be a liar. Looking at these pictures, everything seems so calm and orderly, but I am not hesitant to say things could get a little wild, especial on fridays when each camper made a pan of cinnamon rolls which means 70 pans of bread in one oven. Check out the camp, the farm, and pictures below!