Dabbling in the art of Mural Magic (with a few bonuses)

 A lovely retrospective of the Treasureish Hunt was hosted in SC by the Greater Lake City Artists Guild and the Florence Regional Arts Alliance this past July-September. This show was accompanied by two workshops: A graphic novel writing workshop and a community mural project, the latter, completely this past weekend in a 14 hour blitz!

First.....the invaluable assistance of Sandy Cook and members of the Guild. Let's just say, these people are tremendous. Southern hospitality has never been more beautifully exhibited than in this small, rural town.  

How'd it go down:

+Closing reception and fundraiser at Artfields gallery friday night

+ Mural prep by 8am Saturday morning with open public participation 10am-4pm. Finished up details by 10:30 pm that night. 14 hour painting y'all. 

The mural: The theme of this mural coinsided with my retrospect at the Artfields Gallery. In conjuncture with the show, it was a celebration of community, awareness of life purpose and service. The contoured silhouette of Lake City is suffused with "life lines" leading to a menagerie of silhouettes representing individuals we wished to honor from Lake City. These individuals are those from the past and present. Participants were welcome to add names of mentors, family members, teachers, and others who have made a positive impact on their community. 

We had a great turn out, and I've never been happier with a 14 hour painting. 


Let's make a list: What has been done between January and September 2015?

This is called, do it all and do it at once:

Spring 2015:

+Had an expose of scannography and mixed media work at Fonta Flora Brewery, Morganton, NC.

+ installed 8 locations for the Artfields treasure hunt. (wow. not a joke)

+End of year art show at New Dimensions


Summer 2015:

+Worked at South Mountain Children's Home with Rec Therapists Adam Scott and Andria Hoffburn. Most incredible time. 

+ Worked with kids at the Burke Arts Council during summer camp and taught drawing lessons in the TOSS space.

+Started an art advocacy group with her sister in Morganton, NC, called TOSS (the old School studio. 

+ Had a show with workshops in Lake City, SC, including a collaborative mural project to be completed in September. 

Fall 2015

+Begins TOSSafter, an after school art studio for kids at TOSS.

+Started a monthly artist dinner club for motown artists

+ re-designed the art program at New Dimensions Charter School, and appoints herself as gallery director and technician of the "art gallery" (a room most will know as the gathering area). Yeah, its an art gallery now so....

+ Mails parcels and packages of dresses to luck-ducks from her Etsy dress shop, Zest of Lemon.

+occasionally makes art/thinks up projects which include things like dashing lines, lamas, the council oak tree, and charcoal pencils. 

+ But only when she isn't sitting on this chair or laying on that couch staring at her computer. Or thinking about lunch. 



I am excited to announce that Thomas and Pepperdine are going to be heading down to Lake City, SC for the Artfields festival April 24-May 2nd. Stay posted for more news on this and a few words from Thomas. 


the end of a great year

Working at New Dimensions Charter School this semester has been such a fantastic experience. Here are a few images from our field trips, class room activities, and wall hangings. And of course, my face after getting pied 5 times. Can't wait for our next session! 

painting displayed in the jenkins fine art building at east carolina university

This is a quick note, letting you know that a painting of mine is hanging in the Jenkins Fine Art Building at ECU. It was part of the treasure hunt, which was my final project as an undergraduate there (you can learn more about it under the projects tab). What a treat for me! It will be there until next spring. 


a zest of lemon

This might be the most colorful, patternful summer I have ever had. It's not often that 200 vintage dresses walk into your life, but when they do, there is only one thing to be done. Spread the gingham! My goal is to sell these beautiful cotton-print babes on Etsy in a shop I have set up called A Zest of Lemon. I am slowly putting things in order. I have over 30 items inventoried, with many more to go! I hope you will visit that place and tell others about it as well! (scroll to the bottom for link)

hickory nut gap farm camp

My sister (Kirksey Lowther) and I were able to work at a charming, family operated farm camp for 5 weeks this summer: Hickory Nut Gap Farm Camp in Fairview, NC (try saying that 5 times fast...actually they do and it's a song called thehickorynutgapfarmcampsong!). I was able to stay on the farm with Susie and Will Hamilton, which was a joy and I was so inspired by their generosity, their creative spirits, and their sense of community. I don't think there is anyone within a 30 mile radius that hasn't been blessed by that family in one way or another. 

The day-camp runs a gamete of activities, with a 1/2 day of horse riding and a 1/2 day of art at Susie's homestead where drama, pottery, and art are themed. If I told you it wasn't all fun and games I'd be a liar. Looking at these pictures, everything seems so calm and orderly, but I am not hesitant to say things could get a little wild, especial on fridays when each camper made a pan of cinnamon rolls which means 70 pans of bread in one oven. Check out the camp, the farm, and pictures below!